Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter #25 12-28-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!
 Well Christmas was fun and I did enjoy the time talking with you guys and after I hung up I just talked with the Bettly’s cause my companion went about another 1hr and 1/2 or so. But after that we had dinner and watch Ratatouille with the family so that was a lot of fun with them. But it was hard for about a hour after the call and then I was fine and got back to doing things we needed to do.
 Well tomorrow the high is 0 and the low is suppose to be -22 degrees!!!!! HOLY CRAP. And you guys are all wearing sweaters in the photos outside! What the heck there is no such thing as cold in Arizona!!! Most of the time anything above 25 degrees is a nice day out for me right now! haha.
 So this morning we heard more about Elder Bednar’s visit. Transfers are on the 6th, not sure if I will be staying here in Sterling, Elder Bednar will be here on the 9th of January.  Being a part of his visit will all depend on the weather and how it is on the roads if we can go or not because President Brown does not want us driving 2 hours on icy roads on a highway to get there. Cause when it gets that cold around here, you can be going 5mph and get out control and that is scary cause the ice here sometimes gets really bad. So we will see what happens, if I stay out here in Sterling, most likely I wont go. :(  But I do hope that I can that would be so cool to get a chance to meet Elder Bednar!!!

Well not much happen this week all we did was see members and talk to them.  This is a slow week cause people most of the time don't want to see us cause of Christmas and all of that going on. But love you all and hope all is well back at home. Talk to you in 2015 happy new year!!!!

Love Elder Urry

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