Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter #24 12-22-2014 Sterling, CO

 Hey Everyone!!
Well we will Skype when I call.. I will call 1st around 2pm so that is the plan for Thursday and I am looking forward to it!! 
Well this week was fun and hard at the same time cause members feed us everyday and so they would always ask "so are you excited to call home?" And so with people always asking that made me a little home sick but I am Ok! 

 Well last night we went a saw a family in the ward named the B's____ with Bro B____ and his son, who by the way is the house we will be at on Christmas day and they are very nice. But at the B's_____ we had a lesson about showing charity towards others and how it can be hard sometimes when people see things different than you.  I also said that there are many people in life who may see thing different than us and many are very good people, so it’s important to show kindness and friendship even if we don’t agree with their choices. Well every person has the light of Christ in them and we need to look for that because we need to show love for everyone. 
 Then that led into talking about other things and how sometimes it is hard to stand for what we believe when family or friends may tempt us to do something that we may not see is right! So we showed him the Mormon message Dare to Stand Alone! And there was such a strong spirit in the room to be able to feel and share! It was a good visit and we were able to leave a good message.
Well love you all so much and hope you have the best of week!  And have a Merry Christmas!!!! Can't wait to talk with you all!
Love Elder Urry


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