Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter #23 12-15-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!! 
  Next Thursday I will be calling around 2 pm and that is the plan and dad if we go over a little it is Ok haha! But I am looking forward to that it will be fun. And just think of things to ask me cause there is too much to narrow it down to things I want to talk about. Mom the money was for some more winter things I needed. 
 Well this week was a good week, G_ the guy that just got baptized has invited us over for dinner this week, cause he has someone in mind that he wants to hear the lessons from us. I thought that was cool to hear he is already doing missionary work and he has not been a member that long at all. So I am looking forwarded to that. It seems like every time we are running out of investigators to teach someone needs our help again to teach a friend. And that is another thing I have learned out here is that when a member gives a referral to us and they come with us to see them it is 10x better and more successful in the long run. Because most people just see this as a job for us and really don't want to listen. But if they have a friend who is apart of the church and that friend starts talking to them and just sharing things about the church they will listen more out of respect and the example you show if it is positive they will be more receptive to it, because they have a relationship with that person. And Steve I know you told me this before I left but sometimes you have to experience it for it to click. haha. 
 Also this week we saw a video a family in the ward showed us and it was called The Piano Guys Nativity. This would be a good thing to show friends and people you meet, because it shows the true meaning of Christmas. With most people they have a belief in Christ and will think it is cool also, and it could lead into a good conversation. It is about 5 minutes long just so you know. 
 Mom thanks for the card to give out with the nativity that was fun to do leaving it on the door step. And the next day we went and saw them, the nativity was all set up in the house were every one could see it and the card was next to it. This so far has made my Christmas that much better cause when you can make someones day a little better or Holiday season better it is the best feeling to have even when you may not see it be a little better. So just over the next few weeks when you are out just make it a goal to make someone smile or something like that. For me when I can make someone smile and laugh it is a good feeling, and do it when you may be having a bad day cause I promise it will make your day better also. This is the best time of year to show Christ like love even though we should be doing it all year long cause the people you run into everyday there is a purpose why that has happened. You may not know why but the Lord knows you both, and knows that you 2 can help each other or are just the people you or they need to see at that time!
 Love you all hope you have a fun week!!

Love Elder Urry                  

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