Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter #22 12-8-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well this week has been a good week and there has been a lot of work and service for people. Well rumor  is spreading in Sterling and in the ward that I I am very good when it comes to helping people move big objects... so every time people need help with that they call us and say “Elder Urry you get that side and I will get this side and your companion can get the door...” haha.. so I am not trying to get stronger on a mission but I have moved more things like pianos and entertainment centers on my mission than in my whole life. And my companions always enjoy this call because they just sit an watch! So today we got that call and it is a piano. But every time I go to do this I think of the time we helped Alli move and she had that computer desk that no one wanted to carry so somehow it accidentally got tossed over bored and we just got a new one! haha 
 Well we did not get to see the Christmas Devotional because it was not working at the church. But at church yesterday during priesthood there was a great lesson that is a good analogy, it go's with Alma 50 in the war chapters. Moroni wanted to protect the city from the wicked lamanites and did not want the people to get hurt. So they dug a mote around the city, a mote is a big hole, the teacher suggested that this was a representation of the “Light of Christ” that every son or daughter of God that is born here on the earth has, we just dont see it all the time. Then they built a hill of dirt all around the city so they could not shoot over and hit people. With the dirt on all 4 sides of the city this was a representation of the 4 things we need in order to return with Christ one day and live with Him. And they are Faith, Baptism, Repentance and the Holy Ghost. Now some of the wicked lamanites might get to the top of that hill so Moroni had poles that were as tall as a man and sharp on top so they could not jump over. And these poles represent scriptures, Temples, prayer/modern revelation and our testimony. Now with these things we can be spiritually safe but just to be completely safe Moroni built 4 watch towers for people to watch out for the enemy. The 4 watch towers represent Prophets and Apostles, the tallest tower, the other 3 towers represent the Stake Presidents & Bishops, Elder’s Quorum Presidents & Relief Society presidents and the last tower represents home and visiting teachers. 
 With all of these things to help protect us, we do still have the right to chose what we do even when we have all this help on our side. So we need to remember and try to stay on the right path and if we mess up we need to go fix one of the hills or poles and then make them better, and of course, try not to mess up again. But we do have the atonement and we can be forgiven. This was a great message and really helped me understand more, hope it helps you. Well love you all and have a great week!

Love Elder Urry  

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