Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter #25 12-28-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!
 Well Christmas was fun and I did enjoy the time talking with you guys and after I hung up I just talked with the Bettly’s cause my companion went about another 1hr and 1/2 or so. But after that we had dinner and watch Ratatouille with the family so that was a lot of fun with them. But it was hard for about a hour after the call and then I was fine and got back to doing things we needed to do.
 Well tomorrow the high is 0 and the low is suppose to be -22 degrees!!!!! HOLY CRAP. And you guys are all wearing sweaters in the photos outside! What the heck there is no such thing as cold in Arizona!!! Most of the time anything above 25 degrees is a nice day out for me right now! haha.
 So this morning we heard more about Elder Bednar’s visit. Transfers are on the 6th, not sure if I will be staying here in Sterling, Elder Bednar will be here on the 9th of January.  Being a part of his visit will all depend on the weather and how it is on the roads if we can go or not because President Brown does not want us driving 2 hours on icy roads on a highway to get there. Cause when it gets that cold around here, you can be going 5mph and get out control and that is scary cause the ice here sometimes gets really bad. So we will see what happens, if I stay out here in Sterling, most likely I wont go. :(  But I do hope that I can that would be so cool to get a chance to meet Elder Bednar!!!

Well not much happen this week all we did was see members and talk to them.  This is a slow week cause people most of the time don't want to see us cause of Christmas and all of that going on. But love you all and hope all is well back at home. Talk to you in 2015 happy new year!!!!

Love Elder Urry

Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter #24 12-22-2014 Sterling, CO

 Hey Everyone!!
Well we will Skype when I call.. I will call 1st around 2pm so that is the plan for Thursday and I am looking forward to it!! 
Well this week was fun and hard at the same time cause members feed us everyday and so they would always ask "so are you excited to call home?" And so with people always asking that made me a little home sick but I am Ok! 

 Well last night we went a saw a family in the ward named the B's____ with Bro B____ and his son, who by the way is the house we will be at on Christmas day and they are very nice. But at the B's_____ we had a lesson about showing charity towards others and how it can be hard sometimes when people see things different than you.  I also said that there are many people in life who may see thing different than us and many are very good people, so it’s important to show kindness and friendship even if we don’t agree with their choices. Well every person has the light of Christ in them and we need to look for that because we need to show love for everyone. 
 Then that led into talking about other things and how sometimes it is hard to stand for what we believe when family or friends may tempt us to do something that we may not see is right! So we showed him the Mormon message Dare to Stand Alone! And there was such a strong spirit in the room to be able to feel and share! It was a good visit and we were able to leave a good message.
Well love you all so much and hope you have the best of week!  And have a Merry Christmas!!!! Can't wait to talk with you all!
Love Elder Urry


Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter #23 12-15-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!! 
  Next Thursday I will be calling around 2 pm and that is the plan and dad if we go over a little it is Ok haha! But I am looking forward to that it will be fun. And just think of things to ask me cause there is too much to narrow it down to things I want to talk about. Mom the money was for some more winter things I needed. 
 Well this week was a good week, G_ the guy that just got baptized has invited us over for dinner this week, cause he has someone in mind that he wants to hear the lessons from us. I thought that was cool to hear he is already doing missionary work and he has not been a member that long at all. So I am looking forwarded to that. It seems like every time we are running out of investigators to teach someone needs our help again to teach a friend. And that is another thing I have learned out here is that when a member gives a referral to us and they come with us to see them it is 10x better and more successful in the long run. Because most people just see this as a job for us and really don't want to listen. But if they have a friend who is apart of the church and that friend starts talking to them and just sharing things about the church they will listen more out of respect and the example you show if it is positive they will be more receptive to it, because they have a relationship with that person. And Steve I know you told me this before I left but sometimes you have to experience it for it to click. haha. 
 Also this week we saw a video a family in the ward showed us and it was called The Piano Guys Nativity. This would be a good thing to show friends and people you meet, because it shows the true meaning of Christmas. With most people they have a belief in Christ and will think it is cool also, and it could lead into a good conversation. It is about 5 minutes long just so you know. 
 Mom thanks for the card to give out with the nativity that was fun to do leaving it on the door step. And the next day we went and saw them, the nativity was all set up in the house were every one could see it and the card was next to it. This so far has made my Christmas that much better cause when you can make someones day a little better or Holiday season better it is the best feeling to have even when you may not see it be a little better. So just over the next few weeks when you are out just make it a goal to make someone smile or something like that. For me when I can make someone smile and laugh it is a good feeling, and do it when you may be having a bad day cause I promise it will make your day better also. This is the best time of year to show Christ like love even though we should be doing it all year long cause the people you run into everyday there is a purpose why that has happened. You may not know why but the Lord knows you both, and knows that you 2 can help each other or are just the people you or they need to see at that time!
 Love you all hope you have a fun week!!

Love Elder Urry                  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter #22 12-8-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well this week has been a good week and there has been a lot of work and service for people. Well rumor  is spreading in Sterling and in the ward that I I am very good when it comes to helping people move big objects... so every time people need help with that they call us and say “Elder Urry you get that side and I will get this side and your companion can get the door...” haha.. so I am not trying to get stronger on a mission but I have moved more things like pianos and entertainment centers on my mission than in my whole life. And my companions always enjoy this call because they just sit an watch! So today we got that call and it is a piano. But every time I go to do this I think of the time we helped Alli move and she had that computer desk that no one wanted to carry so somehow it accidentally got tossed over bored and we just got a new one! haha 
 Well we did not get to see the Christmas Devotional because it was not working at the church. But at church yesterday during priesthood there was a great lesson that is a good analogy, it go's with Alma 50 in the war chapters. Moroni wanted to protect the city from the wicked lamanites and did not want the people to get hurt. So they dug a mote around the city, a mote is a big hole, the teacher suggested that this was a representation of the “Light of Christ” that every son or daughter of God that is born here on the earth has, we just dont see it all the time. Then they built a hill of dirt all around the city so they could not shoot over and hit people. With the dirt on all 4 sides of the city this was a representation of the 4 things we need in order to return with Christ one day and live with Him. And they are Faith, Baptism, Repentance and the Holy Ghost. Now some of the wicked lamanites might get to the top of that hill so Moroni had poles that were as tall as a man and sharp on top so they could not jump over. And these poles represent scriptures, Temples, prayer/modern revelation and our testimony. Now with these things we can be spiritually safe but just to be completely safe Moroni built 4 watch towers for people to watch out for the enemy. The 4 watch towers represent Prophets and Apostles, the tallest tower, the other 3 towers represent the Stake Presidents & Bishops, Elder’s Quorum Presidents & Relief Society presidents and the last tower represents home and visiting teachers. 
 With all of these things to help protect us, we do still have the right to chose what we do even when we have all this help on our side. So we need to remember and try to stay on the right path and if we mess up we need to go fix one of the hills or poles and then make them better, and of course, try not to mess up again. But we do have the atonement and we can be forgiven. This was a great message and really helped me understand more, hope it helps you. Well love you all and have a great week!

Love Elder Urry  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter #21 12-1-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
  Well this week was a slow week with transfers and Thanksgiving there was not much work to do because people are all doing things with family and going Black Friday shopping..

 It was a fun week! For Thanksgiving we went to the Maxwell’s and that was a lot of fun. There was about 30-40 people there and we just had the day to spend with them. We played Volleyball and basketball which is different but fun. And also we just talked and met people there and got to just visit with them. 

 Well so I got a new comp this transfer, Elder Stone, he is from Idaho he has been out for 14 months. I know this will be a good learning experience for me because we have very different personalities but it will be good... we are working hard to be better for each other. 
 Well there was not much this week for us here to do so I don't have much to say hope all is well back at home! 

Love Elder Urry