Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter #18 11-10-2014 Sterling CO

 Hey everyone! 
  Well this week was a fun week and lots of work. But yesterday President Brown came down to interview G_ as well as me and Elder Shields. Well so I was kinda scared at 1st cause G_ interview took 2 hours and that is a long time for and interview to take! But then it did end and he told us it went so great and he is ready.
 Well then Elder Shields went in and then me. When I got in there, we said a prayer and then started. President Brown ask me,  “why were you called to serve in Sterling Colorado at this time?” And it kinda threw me off for a time and then I said, “I feel like it was for A_ and G_...” and he stop me right there. President Brown, told me that most of his last interview with G_ was talking about me. And G_ told him that it is cause of the spirit that I have felt in these lessons and cause of how Elder Urry teaches the Gospel principles. And that just kinda of set me back for a second and to hear that was very cool to hear, but I know that it is because of the spirit in the room. Feeling and following the spirit and what it tells me to do is why I was so affective because without the spirit I would not have been very affective at all. 
The spirit is so key in all teaching as a missionary because they will most likely not remember everything you teach them but they do know what they feel. We CAN NOT persuade someone to come to the gospel because you then become a “salesman” and you can’t “sell” the gospel of Jesus Christ! So if there is no spirit there is no successes. This is the Lords work not mine it will progress with or without me and that is so true. The Lords plan is perfect and His church is perfect but the members of the church are not perfect, we all mess up and make mistakes. The Lord has had 1 perfect son and his name is Jesus Christ but the rest are not perfect. So the Lord works with and through us by the spirit. So we need to do as He does and look for the good in them and then also see the good in ourselves. Every person on this earth is born with the Light of Christ and it is there somewhere they just may have lost it for some time because we all do lose it sometimes. So I love this work there is no better feeling than helping one of Gods children feel a little better each day. 
That is why I chose to serve a mission for 2 years because I have something that brings joy to me and I want to try to bring that joy to them.
 Well I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Urry 

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