Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter #17 11-3-2014 Sterling CO

Hi Everyone,

 Well this week was a great week! But the best day was yesterday which was fast Sunday where people got up to the pulpit to bare their testimony. Part way through D_, a recent convert, got up to share his feelings and thoughts, and it was powerful. He was talking about how he is grateful for members in the ward and all the missionary's that have been here and have been able to teach him and then he said something that hit me hard and I did not expect to hear. 
He said "you guys have saved me and have allowed me to see the true gospel..." Well this was crazy to hear from him. And it makes me think that it is not us that do what he said. It is the Spirit and it brought him to the church and he was taught by the Spirit not the members or missionary's we were just the mouth piece that testified and shared the gospel. Also he made the choice to come into the church we did not force him at all and that is not a missionary's job we are to invite people. Everyone has their free agency to make a choice on what they want to do and what they feel is right to do. 
 Also this week G_ accepted to be baptize and he is ready. He is so strong and powerful in spirit as I said last week. We set his date for November 15th he said he can not wait for that day. He also got up yesterday and bore his testimony and he was told by no one to do it, he just went with the spirit which is cool to see a convert do by himself. 
Well this week has been great and it is going very fast! 
I love what I am doing even when it can be hard sometimes it is still the right thing to do and it is making me a better person! Love you all and pray for you every day!

Lover Elder Urry 

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