Monday, November 24, 2014

Letter #20 11-24-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!!
Well this past week was the last week of this transfer and it looks like I am going to be in Sterling over Christmas and new years!! But Elder Shields is off to Greeley and I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. So well on Saturday I got a call from AP Marble (Assistant to the President), and we thought it was for Elder Shields because in week 6 on Fridays and Saturdays if you get a call from the AP's that means they are giving you a calling in the mission so I gave the phone to Elder Shields and said have fun! haha Just joking with him. So he took the call and talked for like 3-5 minutes and then looked at me and said Elder Urry this is not for me it is for you and started laughing. So it was for me and I have been called to be the District Leader over the Yuma district. And to be honest I am kinda scared cause I have only been out 4 1/2 months and that is not long at all and now I am in-charge of 4 missionaries and 2 of them have been out longer than me including my new companion Elder Stone who I will pick up tomorrow. But I will do my best cause who the Lord calls He qualifies and it will help me grow.
Well this week has been a LOT of less active work and just trying to get people to come back to church and understand the blessings that will come from that. Most of the time people stop coming cause they say it is just 1 Sunday I will go next week. Well there is a story to that, I was reading and this guy said that same thing for 2 weeks and then come week 3 he drove by the church and laughed and said look at those losers and the time they are wasting to go to church when there is so much to do! 
So we need to always go cause if we get to this point it is hard to come. It is so easy to say I have too much to do or I am too tired I had a long week. Well now you want to come back and it will be hard but possible through the Lord and praying every day and that is the way we can beat the adversary. With the Lord on our side we can never lose, He is our ace and our super star on our team but we are a team and have to work with Him! No team is good when all you do is think about yourself and no one other than yourself. 
Well hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! I am having Thanksgiving with the Maxwell’s this week they are one of my favorite families, but I love all and thanks for the support and everything you have don for me!

Love Elder Urry

Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter #19 11-17-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well this week has been very cold I mean one morning we had to get up and be out by 6am and I had to get in the car and it was -10 degrees outside!!! HOLY CRAP!! Once it is that cold nothing seems to keep you warm at all! But I am getting use to it here because Friday it was 34 degrees outside and I walk out with my sweeter on and I took it off cause it was to hot.... I think I am going a little crazy! But when it is cold I just wear that jacket I bought and one of the sweaters we got at home, and that works great.
  Well this week was a great week and the best days were Saturday and Sunday. Cause Saturday was G_ baptism service and it was amazing to see and the spirit was so strong there. And Brother W_ was the one who baptized him. Then he asked me to confirm him on Sunday. That was an amazing experiences for me and just the feeling I got when I said "and I say unto you receive the Holy Ghost”. I can not even describe it at all. But I can tell you that after that I felt so good but I felt exhausted and just wanted to go rest.  But the spirit was just so strong.  Then after church G_ came up to me and ask..."now when do I get a calling so I can help out in this ward?" And when he said this I kinda smiled and said to him when the Lord thinks you are ready for it and He will let the bishop know through revelation and then you will be called. And that was just cool to see someone who wanted to get to work right away.
  Well this week was fun we are now teaching J_ and K_ two new investigators. And J_ is what we call in missionary terms “golden”, he has read the Bible, The Book of Mormon, D&C and the Pearl of Great Price all 3 times!!! And he told us in the 1st lesson “I know the church is true and I want to be apart of it. I have had the last 16 months in prison just to sit and read and look to the Lord and change the person I am and thanks to meeting D_ I was able to contacted you guys and start taking the lessons!" So after he said that the only thing that came to mind was “the field is white and ready to harvest”, the Lord has prepared the way.
 Well this week has been crazy and we have a lot of work ahead of us. Love all of you guys and miss you a lot but I know why I am here and with the Lords help we are doing big things here in Sterling is going so fast!

Love Elder Urry

 PS Mom Christmas packages have to be here by December 9th in order for us to get them by the 25th just so you know. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter #18 11-10-2014 Sterling CO

 Hey everyone! 
  Well this week was a fun week and lots of work. But yesterday President Brown came down to interview G_ as well as me and Elder Shields. Well so I was kinda scared at 1st cause G_ interview took 2 hours and that is a long time for and interview to take! But then it did end and he told us it went so great and he is ready.
 Well then Elder Shields went in and then me. When I got in there, we said a prayer and then started. President Brown ask me,  “why were you called to serve in Sterling Colorado at this time?” And it kinda threw me off for a time and then I said, “I feel like it was for A_ and G_...” and he stop me right there. President Brown, told me that most of his last interview with G_ was talking about me. And G_ told him that it is cause of the spirit that I have felt in these lessons and cause of how Elder Urry teaches the Gospel principles. And that just kinda of set me back for a second and to hear that was very cool to hear, but I know that it is because of the spirit in the room. Feeling and following the spirit and what it tells me to do is why I was so affective because without the spirit I would not have been very affective at all. 
The spirit is so key in all teaching as a missionary because they will most likely not remember everything you teach them but they do know what they feel. We CAN NOT persuade someone to come to the gospel because you then become a “salesman” and you can’t “sell” the gospel of Jesus Christ! So if there is no spirit there is no successes. This is the Lords work not mine it will progress with or without me and that is so true. The Lords plan is perfect and His church is perfect but the members of the church are not perfect, we all mess up and make mistakes. The Lord has had 1 perfect son and his name is Jesus Christ but the rest are not perfect. So the Lord works with and through us by the spirit. So we need to do as He does and look for the good in them and then also see the good in ourselves. Every person on this earth is born with the Light of Christ and it is there somewhere they just may have lost it for some time because we all do lose it sometimes. So I love this work there is no better feeling than helping one of Gods children feel a little better each day. 
That is why I chose to serve a mission for 2 years because I have something that brings joy to me and I want to try to bring that joy to them.
 Well I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Urry 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter #17 11-3-2014 Sterling CO

Hi Everyone,

 Well this week was a great week! But the best day was yesterday which was fast Sunday where people got up to the pulpit to bare their testimony. Part way through D_, a recent convert, got up to share his feelings and thoughts, and it was powerful. He was talking about how he is grateful for members in the ward and all the missionary's that have been here and have been able to teach him and then he said something that hit me hard and I did not expect to hear. 
He said "you guys have saved me and have allowed me to see the true gospel..." Well this was crazy to hear from him. And it makes me think that it is not us that do what he said. It is the Spirit and it brought him to the church and he was taught by the Spirit not the members or missionary's we were just the mouth piece that testified and shared the gospel. Also he made the choice to come into the church we did not force him at all and that is not a missionary's job we are to invite people. Everyone has their free agency to make a choice on what they want to do and what they feel is right to do. 
 Also this week G_ accepted to be baptize and he is ready. He is so strong and powerful in spirit as I said last week. We set his date for November 15th he said he can not wait for that day. He also got up yesterday and bore his testimony and he was told by no one to do it, he just went with the spirit which is cool to see a convert do by himself. 
Well this week has been great and it is going very fast! 
I love what I am doing even when it can be hard sometimes it is still the right thing to do and it is making me a better person! Love you all and pray for you every day!

Lover Elder Urry