Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter #16 10-27-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
Well mom I did buy some winter stuff and my skin must be getting thicker cause 30 degrees no longer seems cold and I will wear a short sleeve shirt. Well Saturday of this past week we had an 8 hour service project! And most of the time they say not to do that but this time I thought it would be ok because not everyone there were members so we had the chance to teach about 5 different people while helping them move out of one house into the other. It was hard work!!!! And that is a fact!!! I mean I am so sore today and it is two days after. We show up and me and this other kid there were the two strongest ones so we got to move the piano and all thing that were not so light. And pianos are not very light!! But we made it through. Also the family gave us lunch and dinner which was so nice of them and they were a lot of fun and nice people. 
 Well this week we were able to teach G_ R_ another lesson. And I tell you what ever lesson with him the spirit is SOOOOOOOOO STRONG and it is hard for me to tell you but just put it this way, think of the time you felt the spirit the most and multiply that buy 10 and you will get pretty close to that feeling. And this week it was so cool cause we had a convert come to the lesson with us at the church. G_ keep saying things like, “I dont think I would be a good mormon” and things like that and “I have done too many bad things”. And then Brother B_ spoke up and said hey non of us are good Mormons we all mess up and me.... well I cant help it I have been trying to stop smoking for years and I cant and it hurts me so much cause I want to some day go through the Temple and be sealed to my wife for time and all eternity! And I tell you what when Brother B_ said that it was like Heavenly Father was in the room with us. I had not looked at my watch the whole lesson and I looked down and we all realized we had been at the church for 2hrs and it felt like 15 minutes! SO that night was the best night of the week!!!!
  Well this week has been fun and lots of work I love you all and hope all is going well back at home!! 

Love Elder Urry        

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