Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter #13 October 6, 2014, Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
 Well this week was AMAZING with conference and what I got out of it was a lot of Christ like attributes and how to show charity and love. And mom Elder Bednar gave a great talk to people that are not members. But your question makes me think of Elder Roberts talk about facing the right way. And the reason I say that is cause for me this is also hard, I do not want to force the gospel on someone, they have the free agency to choose. But what I have found that helps me is that we need to “face the right way” and it is satan that gives us this fear, he know us and the person we want to share it with. And like Elder Bednar was saying about his son and his bandages and wanting to help his other friends like his brother helped him, because it made him feel better and he wanted his friends to feel better. That is why we share the gospel because it has blessed our lives and has given us such happiness! That is why I pray every week that my friends and others that are not members will read these emails that you send out. 
I dont want them to think I am trying to get them to be Mormon because that is not why and not my purpose. 
I want them to read the Book of Mormon because this is what made me who I am and what I stand for in my life. Also if makes me feel good and happy, and as I have said in past emails I want everyone I know to be happy. When I find that someone I love and care for is struggling and down, all I can think about is that person and how can I help them, it make me sad to know someone I care about is having a hard time.  I want to do anything to try to make them more happy and have a better week and if I feel it is something I believe in that might help them I will say it. 
Elder Bednar is right, we share not to convert someone or so we can say we brought someone to the church because, 1st we dont bring anyone to the church and we will never do that, it is the spirit that does that. As we talk to them and teach by the power of the spirit this is what they feel, this is what brings them to the church of Jesus Christ. 
In the past few weeks we have found a new investigator through some members of the Sterling Ward, and when we are teaching him I make sure to point out that what he is feeling is the spirit and it will be through the Spirit that will help him see that the gospel is true.  Also, I remember talking with Steve one day before I left about sharing things with friends and how I did not want them to feel that I am forcing them to do anything. 
As members of the church we invite people to listen because we want them to feel what we feel but at the end of the day they have their choice of taking what we shared and using it in their life.  Ultimately the most important thing is that we love and care for them no matter what and we share this with them because we love and care for these people in our lives. And because they care about us they might be more likely to trust us and want to listen. Most importantly the Lord loves them no matter what!! 
Also for me, another reason I share this is because when that day comes that we go back to be with Heavenly Father I do not want  to see a person I know and love crying and then asking me "WHY DID YOU NOT SHARE THIS WITH ME JEFF?" And then I say I was too scared of what you might think of me. 
This is one lesson I have learned this conference is that we need to “face the right way” and not fear man more then God! 
But this week was great and it was great to see A_ this week and that my prayers were answered. He is doing better and is not going to do anything now, but now he has to start over and try to stop drinking. But he can do this with the Lords help. The Lord is always there for us no matter who we are or what we have done we just need to listen to what He is asking us to do and He will bless us! Well this has been a great week!!
I miss you all and love all of you and hope the best for everyone this week! So have a fun week and hope you enjoyed and understood what I am trying to say in this letter. Love you all!

Love Elder Urry  

PS: transfers are next week so we will see what will happen cause me and Elder Torres have been here in Sterling 3 months together so most likely one of us will leave. Also I can see no video's on these computers just so you know.   

                                          Elder Torres, Brother Miller and Me

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