Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter #16 10-27-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
Well mom I did buy some winter stuff and my skin must be getting thicker cause 30 degrees no longer seems cold and I will wear a short sleeve shirt. Well Saturday of this past week we had an 8 hour service project! And most of the time they say not to do that but this time I thought it would be ok because not everyone there were members so we had the chance to teach about 5 different people while helping them move out of one house into the other. It was hard work!!!! And that is a fact!!! I mean I am so sore today and it is two days after. We show up and me and this other kid there were the two strongest ones so we got to move the piano and all thing that were not so light. And pianos are not very light!! But we made it through. Also the family gave us lunch and dinner which was so nice of them and they were a lot of fun and nice people. 
 Well this week we were able to teach G_ R_ another lesson. And I tell you what ever lesson with him the spirit is SOOOOOOOOO STRONG and it is hard for me to tell you but just put it this way, think of the time you felt the spirit the most and multiply that buy 10 and you will get pretty close to that feeling. And this week it was so cool cause we had a convert come to the lesson with us at the church. G_ keep saying things like, “I dont think I would be a good mormon” and things like that and “I have done too many bad things”. And then Brother B_ spoke up and said hey non of us are good Mormons we all mess up and me.... well I cant help it I have been trying to stop smoking for years and I cant and it hurts me so much cause I want to some day go through the Temple and be sealed to my wife for time and all eternity! And I tell you what when Brother B_ said that it was like Heavenly Father was in the room with us. I had not looked at my watch the whole lesson and I looked down and we all realized we had been at the church for 2hrs and it felt like 15 minutes! SO that night was the best night of the week!!!!
  Well this week has been fun and lots of work I love you all and hope all is going well back at home!! 

Love Elder Urry        

Monday, October 20, 2014

Letter #15 10-20-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
Well my new comp is Elder Shields and he is from Maryland Washington, he has been out 6 months. We both joke around a lot on the way to other appointments so that makes it a lot of fun. But he is into football and he played that in high school, he was an offensive line men! But he is a cool guy and fun to be around.
 So this week was crazy with transfers because I had to go to Loveland and drop Elder Torres off to get on the transfer van to go to his new area. We got there about 11am and I did not get back to Sterling until about 7:30pm cause I had to wait all day there for the transfer van to get back with my comp. So when we got back we went and saw D_ and visited with him. He was asking a lot of questions about the law of chastity. He was mainly asking me cause I am who he is comfortable with since I have been here the last 3 months. We usually go see him 3 times a week to help him with things. But he was asking what I thought about him going on a over night camp out with a girl he is interested in dating. I told him that, this is probably not a good idea because you 2 will be alone and things could happen. Then he asked ‘well we would not do anything we would just sleep together..." So when he said that I told him to look up a talk by Elder Bednar on the law of chastity because he was not understanding what was wrong with that. Then after we watched the talk we invited him to study the plan of salvation and really come to understand what that is and how it relates to what he is going through right now. The Lord has a plan for each of us and family is a big part of the Lord’s perfect plan. So we left him with that to think and study about and we told him we will be back tomorrow to see what you felt and why that is wrong in the Lords perspective. And so we did go back and he told us that he did read and pray and pounder on what we left him with and he did call this girl and said hey lets do something else cause this is not a good idea. So he is not going but they might go on a date another time but the girl was pretty mad at him for not going through with this. But I know he made the right choice. And he understands better this commandment and the plan of salvation and how they go together.
 We also keep seeing A_ and he keeps getting hit with trial after trial after trial. I mean it is hard to watch and on Monday night he told us that his father in-law just passed away from cancer. He just broke down and started crying and he is just wanting to have a good week and not have something bad happen to him or his family. So we just told him that his father in law is in a better place and that you will be able to see your father in-law again someday. He told us he knew that but he is scared for his wife and family who do not know what happens after someone passes on. I told A_ that you have been telling us how you have been wanting to share the gospel with your wife and now is your time and she will be asking a lot of questions about what happened to her dad and all.
 Well this week has been a good week and a sad week but I can not imagine, if I am sad, then how sad A_ must be and also for what the Lord feels for him right now. Well I know that the Lord’s plan is perfect and we all one day will be able to see our family and friends again as long as we do our best here on earth to be like Christ.
 Well love you all so much and hope all is well back at home!!
Love Elder Urry


Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter #14 10-13-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone
 Well this week is transfers and I am staying hear and Elder Torres is leaving to Shawnee east to finish training another missionary that is 1 transfer behind me. And I am getting an Elder by the name of Elder Shields and I will be picking him up in Loveland tomorrow so it will be a long day cause I have to sit and wait for my comp to get there. Elder Torres said most times you wont get to your area until 5 or 6pm. 
 Well mom the meet the Mormons is a great movie all missionary's here got to see it two weeks ago so I got to see it before everyone haha! And it is a great movie and shows that we are normal people and not as crazy as people think we are. And my favorite was the guy from World war 2 who did the candy drop over Germany for the kids so I thought that was way cool.
 Well this week has been good and I got some great news from A_ this week. I know for sure Heavenly Father will answer our prayer, because this past week he called the man that is his girls step dad and told him that he forgives him and said that I forgive you for what you did and I still love you. And I wanted to jump through the roof when I heard this from him. But we are still seeing him everyday because he keeps getting hit with trial after trial cause the day after he did this his father in-law was told that his cancer has moved to his brain and he has only days left to live and there is nothing they can do about it. And with this he is so happy that he knows the gospel of Jesus Christ is true because he will be able to see him again. And that is bringing him a lot of peace to his heart. And that is great to hear from him. 
 Well last night was hard for me to watch cause we had dinner with Bishops family again and Elder Torres is leaving so it was good-bye's as well and he and the family were all in tears and did not want me or him to leave. Because this ward has come to love us two missionary's. So they are happy that I am still here at least and hope I get another comp that wants to work like we have. 
 Well this week has been great and it is going fast every day because we are working and that is the best thing to do not because it is what your suppose to do but because when you are working hard everyday and always doing things you lose track of time. 
 Well I love you all and I thank you for you prayers for me they do help and I am thinking and praying for all of you everyday. The Lord has blessed me with a great family and friends that have made me the person I am today. And this work is helping me become even better just with the humbling work you do as a missionary and seeing how blessed all of us are because of what you see people go through and what they tell you they have gone through. And all you want to do is help and the best way is through the church or just being their friend that they can trust even if they do not want to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are still gods children and we need to show our love to them. We are called to represent Jesus Christ in our day to day walk and when we think no one is watching us that is when we need to be our best cause most of the time someone is watching and the best way to teach is through being the example.
 Well love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week!!!!

Love Elder Urry                

Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter #13 October 6, 2014, Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
 Well this week was AMAZING with conference and what I got out of it was a lot of Christ like attributes and how to show charity and love. And mom Elder Bednar gave a great talk to people that are not members. But your question makes me think of Elder Roberts talk about facing the right way. And the reason I say that is cause for me this is also hard, I do not want to force the gospel on someone, they have the free agency to choose. But what I have found that helps me is that we need to “face the right way” and it is satan that gives us this fear, he know us and the person we want to share it with. And like Elder Bednar was saying about his son and his bandages and wanting to help his other friends like his brother helped him, because it made him feel better and he wanted his friends to feel better. That is why we share the gospel because it has blessed our lives and has given us such happiness! That is why I pray every week that my friends and others that are not members will read these emails that you send out. 
I dont want them to think I am trying to get them to be Mormon because that is not why and not my purpose. 
I want them to read the Book of Mormon because this is what made me who I am and what I stand for in my life. Also if makes me feel good and happy, and as I have said in past emails I want everyone I know to be happy. When I find that someone I love and care for is struggling and down, all I can think about is that person and how can I help them, it make me sad to know someone I care about is having a hard time.  I want to do anything to try to make them more happy and have a better week and if I feel it is something I believe in that might help them I will say it. 
Elder Bednar is right, we share not to convert someone or so we can say we brought someone to the church because, 1st we dont bring anyone to the church and we will never do that, it is the spirit that does that. As we talk to them and teach by the power of the spirit this is what they feel, this is what brings them to the church of Jesus Christ. 
In the past few weeks we have found a new investigator through some members of the Sterling Ward, and when we are teaching him I make sure to point out that what he is feeling is the spirit and it will be through the Spirit that will help him see that the gospel is true.  Also, I remember talking with Steve one day before I left about sharing things with friends and how I did not want them to feel that I am forcing them to do anything. 
As members of the church we invite people to listen because we want them to feel what we feel but at the end of the day they have their choice of taking what we shared and using it in their life.  Ultimately the most important thing is that we love and care for them no matter what and we share this with them because we love and care for these people in our lives. And because they care about us they might be more likely to trust us and want to listen. Most importantly the Lord loves them no matter what!! 
Also for me, another reason I share this is because when that day comes that we go back to be with Heavenly Father I do not want  to see a person I know and love crying and then asking me "WHY DID YOU NOT SHARE THIS WITH ME JEFF?" And then I say I was too scared of what you might think of me. 
This is one lesson I have learned this conference is that we need to “face the right way” and not fear man more then God! 
But this week was great and it was great to see A_ this week and that my prayers were answered. He is doing better and is not going to do anything now, but now he has to start over and try to stop drinking. But he can do this with the Lords help. The Lord is always there for us no matter who we are or what we have done we just need to listen to what He is asking us to do and He will bless us! Well this has been a great week!!
I miss you all and love all of you and hope the best for everyone this week! So have a fun week and hope you enjoyed and understood what I am trying to say in this letter. Love you all!

Love Elder Urry  

PS: transfers are next week so we will see what will happen cause me and Elder Torres have been here in Sterling 3 months together so most likely one of us will leave. Also I can see no video's on these computers just so you know.   

                                          Elder Torres, Brother Miller and Me