Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Letter #8 September 2, 2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone,
Well with yesterday being a holiday I could not come to the library and write you guys so that is why I am writing today. Also mom I am going winter close shopping on Saturday after mission conference and I will have to use my debit card cause I only have $139 per month and I cant buy clothes and enough food all on my MSF card (missionary money) so I will have to use that on Saturday so I hope that is ok. Also this month or next month we are getting ipads and we have to pay $400 unless you fall under certain areas and we don't so that will also come from my own money which means debit card so this month will be expensive. If those come in and they will come in either this month or October.
     Well I am staying in Sterling with Elder Torres for at least one more transfer. We found that out on Saturday but we will only be together for 2 transfers because there is about a 95% chance that he will be training a new missionary next transfer because there are only 5 Spanish speaking Elders and there are 5 coming in. But that would mean he leaves the area. I will most likely stay unless they decided to sweep the area again and put 2 new missionary's in here but that most likely wont happen seeing that Elder Torres and I got swept in here together.
 Well K_ had her baptism Thursday and that was a cool experience, but I was kind of disappointed cause only 4 or 5 members came and that is including the bishopric. Other than that it was a great experience for everyone.
 This week a convert named A_ tried to stop drinking again and he made it 2 days but he is having trouble cause all his friends he met in prison still come over and want to drink so he lets them and tells himself he wont drink. But he never can make it through the night with them there so we are going over today after this to talk to him and try to see what we can do to help and give him some advice about how to stop.
Well love you all and miss you hope you have a great week, you are all in my prayers!

Love Elder Urry

PS  Mom it has come!! the package came on Thursday. The ZL's dropped it off at zone meeting! I also tried to put pictures on the computer here but it did not work so I will keep the card through the end of the transfer and then send it home and you can send it back.     

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