Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter #12, Sept. 29, 2014 Sterling, CO

Hey everyone!!
Well this week has been crazy and fun and filled with the spirit and all kinds of things going on! Well I forwarded an email from my bishops wife and his family and that was last night for dinner we went there and had rock mountain oysters... If you want to know what that is just look it up at your own will cause it is the weirdest kinda food I have had on my mission. And if you look it up let me tell you bishop ate one raw, that was sick! But all in all it was a great night and we shared a lesson at the end of the power of prayer and I shard the story of Grandpa Fisher in our family history and they really liked that story. And talking about family history I was looking at it this week and I found out that going back on dads side there are a lot of people with the last name of Maxwell.  I decided to go over to a members home and look in his family line cause his last name is Maxwell too. He is a really cool guy and so he and his wife are doing some searching this week so we will see if there is any match there. 
 Well this week we had another lesson with Bro R_ and I’ll tell you what in missionary terms he is “golden” haha! And he is very interested in the gospel. He came to church this past Sunday with Brother W_ and he participated in the classes which was great and everyone was so kind to him and talked with him. So we will see what happens tomorrow when we go see him for another lesson and see what he thought about it... even though we forgot that this Sunday was the primary program which is always fun to see!! I was impressed by this one boy who is a S_ boy and that is about all I know and that he is only about 4 or 5 years old. He had a solo and sang all by himself in front of everyone and he did great for his age and he memorized the song and had no help at all!!! So I have to give him some props on that cause it was crazy to see!!
 So this morning I finished 2 Nephi and so the scriptures are coming along great Steve just so you know. 
PS mom are you sending my seminary scriptures this week or have you already done that? 
Well it sounds like a fun week back at home and there is a lot going on with everyone. And Brian you will have to write me and tell me if it is a boy or a girl cause I could not watch the video you sent me. So let me know! Well I am doing great and I love you all and you are all in my prayers every night and morning along with a lot of other things. Well hope you all have a fun week back at home this week!

Love Elder Urry
Elder Torres pretending to eat a raw oyster

Elder Welch cooking Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky Mountain Oyster Dinner with Bishop Schumacher and his family 
Elder Shields, Urry, Torres and Welch eating Rocky Mountain Oysters 
Bishop Schumacher pretending to eat a raw Oyster, with Elder Shields and Welch 

Bishop Schumacher, Elder Welch, Torres, Urry and Shields 
Sister Schumacher, Her Sister Kareen and her Mom, Cynthia Michaels

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