Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter #10 September 15, 2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone,
Well this week has been great for me we have done a lot of things this week but the thing I want to talk about is what we did Saturday. 
Well to start in this mission we are ask to give at least 10hrs of service a week.  Saturday we went to one of the 100's of farms around here haha! And dad all the roads here are 2 lane roads so it will be fun when you get here haha! So me and Elder Torres and some members went and got a truck loud of potato's and that was about a 1000 pounds worth of them. So everyone was filling buckets like the ones that we keep our baseballs in. So they were about 10 to 15 pounds a piece. But my job was taking 2 buckets at a time down the staircase and down the hall to the truck and then dump them and come back and by that time they would have 2 more buckets ready to go. I was moving like crazy and sweating badly even though it was about 55 degrees outside and the day before it snowed!! By the way Colorado is weird like that, one day it can be 85 degrees and sunny but the next 18 degrees and snowing!! NO JOKE!!! haha.
But while out on my mission I have learned to love giving service to others I mean sometimes before I get there I wont want to go but after I get there and start working I forget about time and before I know it we are done and on our way back! And tell you what after helping someone out with something it feels great! And here the things we help with is a lot of farming work! So I do a lot of farming things here. And it is kinda fun! But besides that, the service I like because I know if Christ were here He would be right by my side helping out and just enjoying the time with the people. Service is like a kind of charity you can show people and it feels good doing it. Also the best way to teach people if they wont listen to what you have to say is to just help them out and show what we are like through our actions. Then they will start asking questions about why we are doing this and what we are doing away from family and that leads into a lesson.  Then people start finding out truth about us and that we are not just some crazy people and we are normal people and do more than just preach the Gospel every day to people. But even if service does not lead into a lesson and it is just to help someone out it still is worth it and is a good thing to do for people! 
Well this week has been great and we are working hard and the ward is starting to trust in us and that we are actually doing work and not just siting around at the apartment and doing nothing. They are starting to help us out now so we will even get more work. 
 Jeff with his District at the MTC
 1st Hair cut by Elder Almaida who finished his mission last transfer!
Me and my Companion Elder Torres
Well love you all and hope you have a great week back at home! 

Love Elder Urry

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