Monday, August 11, 2014

Letter #5 August 11, 2014 Sterling Colorado

Hey Everyone,


 Well this has been a good week for us with less active people from the Sterling Ward! We go see them everyday and just read a chapter or 2 out of the Book of Mormon and then talk about it with them and see what they like and how they felt about what we were reading. And just from doing this we got 10 less active people to come to church this week and they had a very good time. But we are worried about a convert named A__ because he has not been to church for 2 weeks and he started to drink again. He is a very severe alcoholic and the last time he drank it took him 2 or 3 months to come back to church. But that is not even the bad part, he has a family to take care of and he is without a job now cause of what has happened with him. So we are going to keep seeing him and try to work with him because he has had a rough life and a very very hard time up till he came to church and was taught the gospel.  He was in prison and got into a lot of trouble but he has changed his name because of people in his past that are out looking for him and dont want him or his family alive. So we a very worried and dont want him to go back to that cause that could end up very bad and could end sadly.
 Well this week we met with D__ and K__ again but we had to put off their baptisms because of some things they got into in the past and so now they need to meet with President Brown instead of the zone leaders. They will be meeting with him this Sunday and then we will go from there and see what President Brown will tell us to do. But we are happy they told us so they can fix these things and are able to use the atonement and go through the repentance process which if they go through, will help them build their testimony and grow. But they do have good support with the family they are staying with and they are helping them alot!
 Well that is about it because we had to leave Sterling for couple of days this week to go to Fort Collins for a zone meeting and a training meeting. But while I was there I got to go out with another Elder named Elder Blue and that was crazy cause a member called us to come over because 3 days early she tried to take her own life but she failed, but she lied to the doctors so they would let her out. Now she is back at home with her roommate but she has tried this 7 times. She is not mentally stable and it is scary because we had to talk here down and just get her to relax. But now there are people who love and care for her and they would not want her to die. She is a good person, she has just been through terrible things that are absolutely horrible, which has caused her to want to do this so many times. But we were able to help her some and Elder Blue and his companion will keep going over there for a while just to help her and protect her from trying again and I will keep her in my prayers. But we were able to get her some help so that will be good.  
 Well hope all goes well this week, miss you all but I know why I am out here and it is for the right reasons! But I love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week!

Love Elder Urry

PS Mom why did you send the package to the MTC instead of the mission home, cause I think they will send it back to you cause I am not there any more I am in the field... But anyways I am sending a letter home today so Steve hope you get it soon!

(Haha, I sent Jeff a small package but for some reason he misunderstood my letter and thought I sent it to Provo, but it will get to the mission home on Thursday and hopefully he should have it by the weekend.)

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