Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter #1 7-12-2014, Provo MTC

 Hey Everyone 
  Well For my 1st companionship I have 2 one is Elder Duda and he is 25 years old and just had a prompting to go last semester and then there is Elder Taylor who is 18 years old and just had always planned on coming out to serve. 
  Well this week has been crazy we have spent a lot of time reading in 1 Nephi 31 which is talking about the doctrine of Christ which is basically our purpose as a missionary! But my favorite thing this week was just how important it is to get to know the people you are teaching and just love them and trying to see them like the Lord would. When you are doing this it is so easy to care for them and want to help them no matter who they are. Because when you do this you see everyone as a child of God and seeing them like this is a very cool thing to see because it is not hard at all to get along with them! This also makes studying to teach them even better and when you know them and are teaching to their needs which is very cool because when you start doing that the spirit becomes so strong and then the lesson just goes so quick and even when it really took about 35 min but it feels like 5 min! Also when you start praying for people and really want to help them your studying and preparing for them becomes like you are just being told what to look at which is so cool!
 Well this is not much because I have only been here for 4 days. Hope everyone is safe and having fun back at home!

Love Elder Urry

Ps mom there is no place for the card on this computer so I need a USB port to put my photo's on so I can send them to you guys!

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