Monday, July 28, 2014

Letter #3 July 28, 2014 Sterling Colorado

Hey Everyone,
Well I am in Colorado now and I am in a small town next to the border of Nebraska it is called Sterling Colorado and it is about as big as Joe City! (Where Jeff’s brother-in-law is from,although Sterling has about 18,000 people and Joe City is about 1500).  And not many people care to talk to us at all most of them go to the Lutheran church.

But the day I got here we got to stay at President Browns house and listen to 3 converts tell there story's and how they came into the church. My favorite was a guy who went by the name “Hot Rod” instead of his real name which no one knows, not even the missionary's who taught him, (I’m sure that whoever baptized him knew his name so they could baptize him). Also Vaughn you would love this guy, the two of you would have a lot of fun together!

The next day I got my new companion, his name is Elder Torres and he has been out for 8 months and he is from Texas. We gathered our things then we drove to Sterling which is about an hour and a half drive.  I am the driver cause about a month ago Elder Torres flip his jeep he was in so he cant drive any more for right now! Well when we got to our apartment we unpacked and got settled in but it is not a fun place to be in right now because people here don't believe in what we call air-conditioning so it is like 100 degrees in the house!!! But luckily that night we had an investigator call us and wanted us to come over and teach them, so we were able to get out of the heat of our apartment.  They also wanted us to give them a blessing that night and they ask me to say the blessing so that was a very cool experience and the spirit was so strong and powerful when I was giving it!

Well everything is going good right now but we got swept into this place, mom just ask Steven what that means. And it is even worse when the 2 missionaries before us did nothing other then basically just sit around and chill all day and go see people that they liked and they left no records for us to look at, so we are starting from scratch! So it is very hard and not much happening for us! But it is ok we met with the bishop on Sunday to get some ideas to who we should see and who they were teaching before us so we have some names now! So this week should be better.

Love Elder Urry

PS mom just to let you know just send everything to the mission home because that will for sure get to me and that is the best way even if it takes longer! And do that with the dear Elder stuff to or just have it sent to my email!  

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Letter #2 July 19, 2014,Provo MTC

Hey Everyone
 So i Ieave on Tuesday for the airport to Colorado and we have to wake up at 330am to get ready and be at the travel office by 430am to go to the airport for a 830am flight so I will call home like 745am. So if you want to talk to me you got to be up  early cause that is the only time I have to call. 
  This week a got mail from you mom along with Sister Wiltbank and one of my friends on dear Elder but there was no name so I dont know who it was from but my guess was Rigo. So could you put names on them so I can respond to them thanks. And thanks to Tanner, Josh, Kyle and aunt Lisa for the package, the treat did not even last a day cause I became the popular one in the district when that got here and they all loved the treat haha.

 Well this week was a great week here but my favorite day had to be Thursday because when we started personal study we all 1st sang, "I feel my Saviors love" then we had a prayer and then did our own thing. I read in 3 Nephi 11 and it was talking about how Christ comes back after he was resurrected and how Heavenly Father introduce Him to the people and then Jesus Christ let everyone feel his hands and feet. When I was reading here I just imagined that I was there and it made reading that night so much more powerful with how strong the spirit was and just thinking like I was there which was a very cool thing to do!
But mom I did see Elder Farar this week 2 times and just talked for a bit but it was cool to see him! 

Well I have to go but hope everyone has a good week and I love you all! PS did Kyson hit any homeruns this week? haha 

Love Elder Urry

Monday, July 14, 2014

Letter #1 7-12-2014, Provo MTC

 Hey Everyone 
  Well For my 1st companionship I have 2 one is Elder Duda and he is 25 years old and just had a prompting to go last semester and then there is Elder Taylor who is 18 years old and just had always planned on coming out to serve. 
  Well this week has been crazy we have spent a lot of time reading in 1 Nephi 31 which is talking about the doctrine of Christ which is basically our purpose as a missionary! But my favorite thing this week was just how important it is to get to know the people you are teaching and just love them and trying to see them like the Lord would. When you are doing this it is so easy to care for them and want to help them no matter who they are. Because when you do this you see everyone as a child of God and seeing them like this is a very cool thing to see because it is not hard at all to get along with them! This also makes studying to teach them even better and when you know them and are teaching to their needs which is very cool because when you start doing that the spirit becomes so strong and then the lesson just goes so quick and even when it really took about 35 min but it feels like 5 min! Also when you start praying for people and really want to help them your studying and preparing for them becomes like you are just being told what to look at which is so cool!
 Well this is not much because I have only been here for 4 days. Hope everyone is safe and having fun back at home!

Love Elder Urry

Ps mom there is no place for the card on this computer so I need a USB port to put my photo's on so I can send them to you guys!