Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter #25 12-28-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!
 Well Christmas was fun and I did enjoy the time talking with you guys and after I hung up I just talked with the Bettly’s cause my companion went about another 1hr and 1/2 or so. But after that we had dinner and watch Ratatouille with the family so that was a lot of fun with them. But it was hard for about a hour after the call and then I was fine and got back to doing things we needed to do.
 Well tomorrow the high is 0 and the low is suppose to be -22 degrees!!!!! HOLY CRAP. And you guys are all wearing sweaters in the photos outside! What the heck there is no such thing as cold in Arizona!!! Most of the time anything above 25 degrees is a nice day out for me right now! haha.
 So this morning we heard more about Elder Bednar’s visit. Transfers are on the 6th, not sure if I will be staying here in Sterling, Elder Bednar will be here on the 9th of January.  Being a part of his visit will all depend on the weather and how it is on the roads if we can go or not because President Brown does not want us driving 2 hours on icy roads on a highway to get there. Cause when it gets that cold around here, you can be going 5mph and get out control and that is scary cause the ice here sometimes gets really bad. So we will see what happens, if I stay out here in Sterling, most likely I wont go. :(  But I do hope that I can that would be so cool to get a chance to meet Elder Bednar!!!

Well not much happen this week all we did was see members and talk to them.  This is a slow week cause people most of the time don't want to see us cause of Christmas and all of that going on. But love you all and hope all is well back at home. Talk to you in 2015 happy new year!!!!

Love Elder Urry

Monday, December 22, 2014

Letter #24 12-22-2014 Sterling, CO

 Hey Everyone!!
Well we will Skype when I call.. I will call 1st around 2pm so that is the plan for Thursday and I am looking forward to it!! 
Well this week was fun and hard at the same time cause members feed us everyday and so they would always ask "so are you excited to call home?" And so with people always asking that made me a little home sick but I am Ok! 

 Well last night we went a saw a family in the ward named the B's____ with Bro B____ and his son, who by the way is the house we will be at on Christmas day and they are very nice. But at the B's_____ we had a lesson about showing charity towards others and how it can be hard sometimes when people see things different than you.  I also said that there are many people in life who may see thing different than us and many are very good people, so it’s important to show kindness and friendship even if we don’t agree with their choices. Well every person has the light of Christ in them and we need to look for that because we need to show love for everyone. 
 Then that led into talking about other things and how sometimes it is hard to stand for what we believe when family or friends may tempt us to do something that we may not see is right! So we showed him the Mormon message Dare to Stand Alone! And there was such a strong spirit in the room to be able to feel and share! It was a good visit and we were able to leave a good message.
Well love you all so much and hope you have the best of week!  And have a Merry Christmas!!!! Can't wait to talk with you all!
Love Elder Urry


Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter #23 12-15-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!! 
  Next Thursday I will be calling around 2 pm and that is the plan and dad if we go over a little it is Ok haha! But I am looking forward to that it will be fun. And just think of things to ask me cause there is too much to narrow it down to things I want to talk about. Mom the money was for some more winter things I needed. 
 Well this week was a good week, G_ the guy that just got baptized has invited us over for dinner this week, cause he has someone in mind that he wants to hear the lessons from us. I thought that was cool to hear he is already doing missionary work and he has not been a member that long at all. So I am looking forwarded to that. It seems like every time we are running out of investigators to teach someone needs our help again to teach a friend. And that is another thing I have learned out here is that when a member gives a referral to us and they come with us to see them it is 10x better and more successful in the long run. Because most people just see this as a job for us and really don't want to listen. But if they have a friend who is apart of the church and that friend starts talking to them and just sharing things about the church they will listen more out of respect and the example you show if it is positive they will be more receptive to it, because they have a relationship with that person. And Steve I know you told me this before I left but sometimes you have to experience it for it to click. haha. 
 Also this week we saw a video a family in the ward showed us and it was called The Piano Guys Nativity. This would be a good thing to show friends and people you meet, because it shows the true meaning of Christmas. With most people they have a belief in Christ and will think it is cool also, and it could lead into a good conversation. It is about 5 minutes long just so you know. 
 Mom thanks for the card to give out with the nativity that was fun to do leaving it on the door step. And the next day we went and saw them, the nativity was all set up in the house were every one could see it and the card was next to it. This so far has made my Christmas that much better cause when you can make someones day a little better or Holiday season better it is the best feeling to have even when you may not see it be a little better. So just over the next few weeks when you are out just make it a goal to make someone smile or something like that. For me when I can make someone smile and laugh it is a good feeling, and do it when you may be having a bad day cause I promise it will make your day better also. This is the best time of year to show Christ like love even though we should be doing it all year long cause the people you run into everyday there is a purpose why that has happened. You may not know why but the Lord knows you both, and knows that you 2 can help each other or are just the people you or they need to see at that time!
 Love you all hope you have a fun week!!

Love Elder Urry                  

Monday, December 8, 2014

Letter #22 12-8-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well this week has been a good week and there has been a lot of work and service for people. Well rumor  is spreading in Sterling and in the ward that I I am very good when it comes to helping people move big objects... so every time people need help with that they call us and say “Elder Urry you get that side and I will get this side and your companion can get the door...” haha.. so I am not trying to get stronger on a mission but I have moved more things like pianos and entertainment centers on my mission than in my whole life. And my companions always enjoy this call because they just sit an watch! So today we got that call and it is a piano. But every time I go to do this I think of the time we helped Alli move and she had that computer desk that no one wanted to carry so somehow it accidentally got tossed over bored and we just got a new one! haha 
 Well we did not get to see the Christmas Devotional because it was not working at the church. But at church yesterday during priesthood there was a great lesson that is a good analogy, it go's with Alma 50 in the war chapters. Moroni wanted to protect the city from the wicked lamanites and did not want the people to get hurt. So they dug a mote around the city, a mote is a big hole, the teacher suggested that this was a representation of the “Light of Christ” that every son or daughter of God that is born here on the earth has, we just dont see it all the time. Then they built a hill of dirt all around the city so they could not shoot over and hit people. With the dirt on all 4 sides of the city this was a representation of the 4 things we need in order to return with Christ one day and live with Him. And they are Faith, Baptism, Repentance and the Holy Ghost. Now some of the wicked lamanites might get to the top of that hill so Moroni had poles that were as tall as a man and sharp on top so they could not jump over. And these poles represent scriptures, Temples, prayer/modern revelation and our testimony. Now with these things we can be spiritually safe but just to be completely safe Moroni built 4 watch towers for people to watch out for the enemy. The 4 watch towers represent Prophets and Apostles, the tallest tower, the other 3 towers represent the Stake Presidents & Bishops, Elder’s Quorum Presidents & Relief Society presidents and the last tower represents home and visiting teachers. 
 With all of these things to help protect us, we do still have the right to chose what we do even when we have all this help on our side. So we need to remember and try to stay on the right path and if we mess up we need to go fix one of the hills or poles and then make them better, and of course, try not to mess up again. But we do have the atonement and we can be forgiven. This was a great message and really helped me understand more, hope it helps you. Well love you all and have a great week!

Love Elder Urry  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Letter #21 12-1-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
  Well this week was a slow week with transfers and Thanksgiving there was not much work to do because people are all doing things with family and going Black Friday shopping..

 It was a fun week! For Thanksgiving we went to the Maxwell’s and that was a lot of fun. There was about 30-40 people there and we just had the day to spend with them. We played Volleyball and basketball which is different but fun. And also we just talked and met people there and got to just visit with them. 

 Well so I got a new comp this transfer, Elder Stone, he is from Idaho he has been out for 14 months. I know this will be a good learning experience for me because we have very different personalities but it will be good... we are working hard to be better for each other. 
 Well there was not much this week for us here to do so I don't have much to say hope all is well back at home! 

Love Elder Urry 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Letter #20 11-24-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!!
Well this past week was the last week of this transfer and it looks like I am going to be in Sterling over Christmas and new years!! But Elder Shields is off to Greeley and I will be getting a new companion tomorrow. So well on Saturday I got a call from AP Marble (Assistant to the President), and we thought it was for Elder Shields because in week 6 on Fridays and Saturdays if you get a call from the AP's that means they are giving you a calling in the mission so I gave the phone to Elder Shields and said have fun! haha Just joking with him. So he took the call and talked for like 3-5 minutes and then looked at me and said Elder Urry this is not for me it is for you and started laughing. So it was for me and I have been called to be the District Leader over the Yuma district. And to be honest I am kinda scared cause I have only been out 4 1/2 months and that is not long at all and now I am in-charge of 4 missionaries and 2 of them have been out longer than me including my new companion Elder Stone who I will pick up tomorrow. But I will do my best cause who the Lord calls He qualifies and it will help me grow.
Well this week has been a LOT of less active work and just trying to get people to come back to church and understand the blessings that will come from that. Most of the time people stop coming cause they say it is just 1 Sunday I will go next week. Well there is a story to that, I was reading and this guy said that same thing for 2 weeks and then come week 3 he drove by the church and laughed and said look at those losers and the time they are wasting to go to church when there is so much to do! 
So we need to always go cause if we get to this point it is hard to come. It is so easy to say I have too much to do or I am too tired I had a long week. Well now you want to come back and it will be hard but possible through the Lord and praying every day and that is the way we can beat the adversary. With the Lord on our side we can never lose, He is our ace and our super star on our team but we are a team and have to work with Him! No team is good when all you do is think about yourself and no one other than yourself. 
Well hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! I am having Thanksgiving with the Maxwell’s this week they are one of my favorite families, but I love all and thanks for the support and everything you have don for me!

Love Elder Urry

Monday, November 17, 2014

Letter #19 11-17-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!!
 Well this week has been very cold I mean one morning we had to get up and be out by 6am and I had to get in the car and it was -10 degrees outside!!! HOLY CRAP!! Once it is that cold nothing seems to keep you warm at all! But I am getting use to it here because Friday it was 34 degrees outside and I walk out with my sweeter on and I took it off cause it was to hot.... I think I am going a little crazy! But when it is cold I just wear that jacket I bought and one of the sweaters we got at home, and that works great.
  Well this week was a great week and the best days were Saturday and Sunday. Cause Saturday was G_ baptism service and it was amazing to see and the spirit was so strong there. And Brother W_ was the one who baptized him. Then he asked me to confirm him on Sunday. That was an amazing experiences for me and just the feeling I got when I said "and I say unto you receive the Holy Ghost”. I can not even describe it at all. But I can tell you that after that I felt so good but I felt exhausted and just wanted to go rest.  But the spirit was just so strong.  Then after church G_ came up to me and ask..."now when do I get a calling so I can help out in this ward?" And when he said this I kinda smiled and said to him when the Lord thinks you are ready for it and He will let the bishop know through revelation and then you will be called. And that was just cool to see someone who wanted to get to work right away.
  Well this week was fun we are now teaching J_ and K_ two new investigators. And J_ is what we call in missionary terms “golden”, he has read the Bible, The Book of Mormon, D&C and the Pearl of Great Price all 3 times!!! And he told us in the 1st lesson “I know the church is true and I want to be apart of it. I have had the last 16 months in prison just to sit and read and look to the Lord and change the person I am and thanks to meeting D_ I was able to contacted you guys and start taking the lessons!" So after he said that the only thing that came to mind was “the field is white and ready to harvest”, the Lord has prepared the way.
 Well this week has been crazy and we have a lot of work ahead of us. Love all of you guys and miss you a lot but I know why I am here and with the Lords help we are doing big things here in Sterling is going so fast!

Love Elder Urry

 PS Mom Christmas packages have to be here by December 9th in order for us to get them by the 25th just so you know. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Letter #18 11-10-2014 Sterling CO

 Hey everyone! 
  Well this week was a fun week and lots of work. But yesterday President Brown came down to interview G_ as well as me and Elder Shields. Well so I was kinda scared at 1st cause G_ interview took 2 hours and that is a long time for and interview to take! But then it did end and he told us it went so great and he is ready.
 Well then Elder Shields went in and then me. When I got in there, we said a prayer and then started. President Brown ask me,  “why were you called to serve in Sterling Colorado at this time?” And it kinda threw me off for a time and then I said, “I feel like it was for A_ and G_...” and he stop me right there. President Brown, told me that most of his last interview with G_ was talking about me. And G_ told him that it is cause of the spirit that I have felt in these lessons and cause of how Elder Urry teaches the Gospel principles. And that just kinda of set me back for a second and to hear that was very cool to hear, but I know that it is because of the spirit in the room. Feeling and following the spirit and what it tells me to do is why I was so affective because without the spirit I would not have been very affective at all. 
The spirit is so key in all teaching as a missionary because they will most likely not remember everything you teach them but they do know what they feel. We CAN NOT persuade someone to come to the gospel because you then become a “salesman” and you can’t “sell” the gospel of Jesus Christ! So if there is no spirit there is no successes. This is the Lords work not mine it will progress with or without me and that is so true. The Lords plan is perfect and His church is perfect but the members of the church are not perfect, we all mess up and make mistakes. The Lord has had 1 perfect son and his name is Jesus Christ but the rest are not perfect. So the Lord works with and through us by the spirit. So we need to do as He does and look for the good in them and then also see the good in ourselves. Every person on this earth is born with the Light of Christ and it is there somewhere they just may have lost it for some time because we all do lose it sometimes. So I love this work there is no better feeling than helping one of Gods children feel a little better each day. 
That is why I chose to serve a mission for 2 years because I have something that brings joy to me and I want to try to bring that joy to them.
 Well I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Urry 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter #17 11-3-2014 Sterling CO

Hi Everyone,

 Well this week was a great week! But the best day was yesterday which was fast Sunday where people got up to the pulpit to bare their testimony. Part way through D_, a recent convert, got up to share his feelings and thoughts, and it was powerful. He was talking about how he is grateful for members in the ward and all the missionary's that have been here and have been able to teach him and then he said something that hit me hard and I did not expect to hear. 
He said "you guys have saved me and have allowed me to see the true gospel..." Well this was crazy to hear from him. And it makes me think that it is not us that do what he said. It is the Spirit and it brought him to the church and he was taught by the Spirit not the members or missionary's we were just the mouth piece that testified and shared the gospel. Also he made the choice to come into the church we did not force him at all and that is not a missionary's job we are to invite people. Everyone has their free agency to make a choice on what they want to do and what they feel is right to do. 
 Also this week G_ accepted to be baptize and he is ready. He is so strong and powerful in spirit as I said last week. We set his date for November 15th he said he can not wait for that day. He also got up yesterday and bore his testimony and he was told by no one to do it, he just went with the spirit which is cool to see a convert do by himself. 
Well this week has been great and it is going very fast! 
I love what I am doing even when it can be hard sometimes it is still the right thing to do and it is making me a better person! Love you all and pray for you every day!

Lover Elder Urry 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter #16 10-27-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
Well mom I did buy some winter stuff and my skin must be getting thicker cause 30 degrees no longer seems cold and I will wear a short sleeve shirt. Well Saturday of this past week we had an 8 hour service project! And most of the time they say not to do that but this time I thought it would be ok because not everyone there were members so we had the chance to teach about 5 different people while helping them move out of one house into the other. It was hard work!!!! And that is a fact!!! I mean I am so sore today and it is two days after. We show up and me and this other kid there were the two strongest ones so we got to move the piano and all thing that were not so light. And pianos are not very light!! But we made it through. Also the family gave us lunch and dinner which was so nice of them and they were a lot of fun and nice people. 
 Well this week we were able to teach G_ R_ another lesson. And I tell you what ever lesson with him the spirit is SOOOOOOOOO STRONG and it is hard for me to tell you but just put it this way, think of the time you felt the spirit the most and multiply that buy 10 and you will get pretty close to that feeling. And this week it was so cool cause we had a convert come to the lesson with us at the church. G_ keep saying things like, “I dont think I would be a good mormon” and things like that and “I have done too many bad things”. And then Brother B_ spoke up and said hey non of us are good Mormons we all mess up and me.... well I cant help it I have been trying to stop smoking for years and I cant and it hurts me so much cause I want to some day go through the Temple and be sealed to my wife for time and all eternity! And I tell you what when Brother B_ said that it was like Heavenly Father was in the room with us. I had not looked at my watch the whole lesson and I looked down and we all realized we had been at the church for 2hrs and it felt like 15 minutes! SO that night was the best night of the week!!!!
  Well this week has been fun and lots of work I love you all and hope all is going well back at home!! 

Love Elder Urry        

Monday, October 20, 2014

Letter #15 10-20-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
Well my new comp is Elder Shields and he is from Maryland Washington, he has been out 6 months. We both joke around a lot on the way to other appointments so that makes it a lot of fun. But he is into football and he played that in high school, he was an offensive line men! But he is a cool guy and fun to be around.
 So this week was crazy with transfers because I had to go to Loveland and drop Elder Torres off to get on the transfer van to go to his new area. We got there about 11am and I did not get back to Sterling until about 7:30pm cause I had to wait all day there for the transfer van to get back with my comp. So when we got back we went and saw D_ and visited with him. He was asking a lot of questions about the law of chastity. He was mainly asking me cause I am who he is comfortable with since I have been here the last 3 months. We usually go see him 3 times a week to help him with things. But he was asking what I thought about him going on a over night camp out with a girl he is interested in dating. I told him that, this is probably not a good idea because you 2 will be alone and things could happen. Then he asked ‘well we would not do anything we would just sleep together..." So when he said that I told him to look up a talk by Elder Bednar on the law of chastity because he was not understanding what was wrong with that. Then after we watched the talk we invited him to study the plan of salvation and really come to understand what that is and how it relates to what he is going through right now. The Lord has a plan for each of us and family is a big part of the Lord’s perfect plan. So we left him with that to think and study about and we told him we will be back tomorrow to see what you felt and why that is wrong in the Lords perspective. And so we did go back and he told us that he did read and pray and pounder on what we left him with and he did call this girl and said hey lets do something else cause this is not a good idea. So he is not going but they might go on a date another time but the girl was pretty mad at him for not going through with this. But I know he made the right choice. And he understands better this commandment and the plan of salvation and how they go together.
 We also keep seeing A_ and he keeps getting hit with trial after trial after trial. I mean it is hard to watch and on Monday night he told us that his father in-law just passed away from cancer. He just broke down and started crying and he is just wanting to have a good week and not have something bad happen to him or his family. So we just told him that his father in law is in a better place and that you will be able to see your father in-law again someday. He told us he knew that but he is scared for his wife and family who do not know what happens after someone passes on. I told A_ that you have been telling us how you have been wanting to share the gospel with your wife and now is your time and she will be asking a lot of questions about what happened to her dad and all.
 Well this week has been a good week and a sad week but I can not imagine, if I am sad, then how sad A_ must be and also for what the Lord feels for him right now. Well I know that the Lord’s plan is perfect and we all one day will be able to see our family and friends again as long as we do our best here on earth to be like Christ.
 Well love you all so much and hope all is well back at home!!
Love Elder Urry


Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter #14 10-13-2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone
 Well this week is transfers and I am staying hear and Elder Torres is leaving to Shawnee east to finish training another missionary that is 1 transfer behind me. And I am getting an Elder by the name of Elder Shields and I will be picking him up in Loveland tomorrow so it will be a long day cause I have to sit and wait for my comp to get there. Elder Torres said most times you wont get to your area until 5 or 6pm. 
 Well mom the meet the Mormons is a great movie all missionary's here got to see it two weeks ago so I got to see it before everyone haha! And it is a great movie and shows that we are normal people and not as crazy as people think we are. And my favorite was the guy from World war 2 who did the candy drop over Germany for the kids so I thought that was way cool.
 Well this week has been good and I got some great news from A_ this week. I know for sure Heavenly Father will answer our prayer, because this past week he called the man that is his girls step dad and told him that he forgives him and said that I forgive you for what you did and I still love you. And I wanted to jump through the roof when I heard this from him. But we are still seeing him everyday because he keeps getting hit with trial after trial cause the day after he did this his father in-law was told that his cancer has moved to his brain and he has only days left to live and there is nothing they can do about it. And with this he is so happy that he knows the gospel of Jesus Christ is true because he will be able to see him again. And that is bringing him a lot of peace to his heart. And that is great to hear from him. 
 Well last night was hard for me to watch cause we had dinner with Bishops family again and Elder Torres is leaving so it was good-bye's as well and he and the family were all in tears and did not want me or him to leave. Because this ward has come to love us two missionary's. So they are happy that I am still here at least and hope I get another comp that wants to work like we have. 
 Well this week has been great and it is going fast every day because we are working and that is the best thing to do not because it is what your suppose to do but because when you are working hard everyday and always doing things you lose track of time. 
 Well I love you all and I thank you for you prayers for me they do help and I am thinking and praying for all of you everyday. The Lord has blessed me with a great family and friends that have made me the person I am today. And this work is helping me become even better just with the humbling work you do as a missionary and seeing how blessed all of us are because of what you see people go through and what they tell you they have gone through. And all you want to do is help and the best way is through the church or just being their friend that they can trust even if they do not want to hear about the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are still gods children and we need to show our love to them. We are called to represent Jesus Christ in our day to day walk and when we think no one is watching us that is when we need to be our best cause most of the time someone is watching and the best way to teach is through being the example.
 Well love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week!!!!

Love Elder Urry                

Monday, October 6, 2014

Letter #13 October 6, 2014, Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!!
 Well this week was AMAZING with conference and what I got out of it was a lot of Christ like attributes and how to show charity and love. And mom Elder Bednar gave a great talk to people that are not members. But your question makes me think of Elder Roberts talk about facing the right way. And the reason I say that is cause for me this is also hard, I do not want to force the gospel on someone, they have the free agency to choose. But what I have found that helps me is that we need to “face the right way” and it is satan that gives us this fear, he know us and the person we want to share it with. And like Elder Bednar was saying about his son and his bandages and wanting to help his other friends like his brother helped him, because it made him feel better and he wanted his friends to feel better. That is why we share the gospel because it has blessed our lives and has given us such happiness! That is why I pray every week that my friends and others that are not members will read these emails that you send out. 
I dont want them to think I am trying to get them to be Mormon because that is not why and not my purpose. 
I want them to read the Book of Mormon because this is what made me who I am and what I stand for in my life. Also if makes me feel good and happy, and as I have said in past emails I want everyone I know to be happy. When I find that someone I love and care for is struggling and down, all I can think about is that person and how can I help them, it make me sad to know someone I care about is having a hard time.  I want to do anything to try to make them more happy and have a better week and if I feel it is something I believe in that might help them I will say it. 
Elder Bednar is right, we share not to convert someone or so we can say we brought someone to the church because, 1st we dont bring anyone to the church and we will never do that, it is the spirit that does that. As we talk to them and teach by the power of the spirit this is what they feel, this is what brings them to the church of Jesus Christ. 
In the past few weeks we have found a new investigator through some members of the Sterling Ward, and when we are teaching him I make sure to point out that what he is feeling is the spirit and it will be through the Spirit that will help him see that the gospel is true.  Also, I remember talking with Steve one day before I left about sharing things with friends and how I did not want them to feel that I am forcing them to do anything. 
As members of the church we invite people to listen because we want them to feel what we feel but at the end of the day they have their choice of taking what we shared and using it in their life.  Ultimately the most important thing is that we love and care for them no matter what and we share this with them because we love and care for these people in our lives. And because they care about us they might be more likely to trust us and want to listen. Most importantly the Lord loves them no matter what!! 
Also for me, another reason I share this is because when that day comes that we go back to be with Heavenly Father I do not want  to see a person I know and love crying and then asking me "WHY DID YOU NOT SHARE THIS WITH ME JEFF?" And then I say I was too scared of what you might think of me. 
This is one lesson I have learned this conference is that we need to “face the right way” and not fear man more then God! 
But this week was great and it was great to see A_ this week and that my prayers were answered. He is doing better and is not going to do anything now, but now he has to start over and try to stop drinking. But he can do this with the Lords help. The Lord is always there for us no matter who we are or what we have done we just need to listen to what He is asking us to do and He will bless us! Well this has been a great week!!
I miss you all and love all of you and hope the best for everyone this week! So have a fun week and hope you enjoyed and understood what I am trying to say in this letter. Love you all!

Love Elder Urry  

PS: transfers are next week so we will see what will happen cause me and Elder Torres have been here in Sterling 3 months together so most likely one of us will leave. Also I can see no video's on these computers just so you know.   

                                          Elder Torres, Brother Miller and Me

Monday, September 29, 2014

Letter #12, Sept. 29, 2014 Sterling, CO

Hey everyone!!
Well this week has been crazy and fun and filled with the spirit and all kinds of things going on! Well I forwarded an email from my bishops wife and his family and that was last night for dinner we went there and had rock mountain oysters... If you want to know what that is just look it up at your own will cause it is the weirdest kinda food I have had on my mission. And if you look it up let me tell you bishop ate one raw, that was sick! But all in all it was a great night and we shared a lesson at the end of the power of prayer and I shard the story of Grandpa Fisher in our family history and they really liked that story. And talking about family history I was looking at it this week and I found out that going back on dads side there are a lot of people with the last name of Maxwell.  I decided to go over to a members home and look in his family line cause his last name is Maxwell too. He is a really cool guy and so he and his wife are doing some searching this week so we will see if there is any match there. 
 Well this week we had another lesson with Bro R_ and I’ll tell you what in missionary terms he is “golden” haha! And he is very interested in the gospel. He came to church this past Sunday with Brother W_ and he participated in the classes which was great and everyone was so kind to him and talked with him. So we will see what happens tomorrow when we go see him for another lesson and see what he thought about it... even though we forgot that this Sunday was the primary program which is always fun to see!! I was impressed by this one boy who is a S_ boy and that is about all I know and that he is only about 4 or 5 years old. He had a solo and sang all by himself in front of everyone and he did great for his age and he memorized the song and had no help at all!!! So I have to give him some props on that cause it was crazy to see!!
 So this morning I finished 2 Nephi and so the scriptures are coming along great Steve just so you know. 
PS mom are you sending my seminary scriptures this week or have you already done that? 
Well it sounds like a fun week back at home and there is a lot going on with everyone. And Brian you will have to write me and tell me if it is a boy or a girl cause I could not watch the video you sent me. So let me know! Well I am doing great and I love you all and you are all in my prayers every night and morning along with a lot of other things. Well hope you all have a fun week back at home this week!

Love Elder Urry
Elder Torres pretending to eat a raw oyster

Elder Welch cooking Rocky Mountain Oysters

Rocky Mountain Oyster Dinner with Bishop Schumacher and his family 
Elder Shields, Urry, Torres and Welch eating Rocky Mountain Oysters 
Bishop Schumacher pretending to eat a raw Oyster, with Elder Shields and Welch 

Bishop Schumacher, Elder Welch, Torres, Urry and Shields 
Sister Schumacher, Her Sister Kareen and her Mom, Cynthia Michaels

Monday, September 22, 2014

#11 September 22, 2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!
 Well mom I cant go shopping for any clothes or winter things till I go to Greeley and I don't know when that will happen. But I did get a winter coat and that was $65 so you should see that in my account.  I will just have to wait for the next time we go that direction. About the Ipads, we will get them soon it is just one of the members of the Quorum of the 70 that have to come down and give us training on them so just keep the money available so I can get it when it comes. Also yes I would like my seminary scriptures so if you could send those as soon as you can that would be great.

 Well this week I got to see someone use the Atonement in action and it was not him asking for forgiveness he was the one forgiving someone else. His name is A_ and I have told you how he is a convert and for most of his previous life he was in a maximum security person. The prison is actually here in Sterling just as you come into the town. He had a friend in his old life that was not happy with him joining the church. (the following story is kind of graphic but it helps for you to understand the forgiveness he had to offer and work through with the Atonement.) So one night when he and his family were gone his friend broke in and killed his dog and used the dogs blood and wrote all over the walls with it. When A_ and his family came home that is the first thing they saw when they walked in. This was about 4 years ago and now that guy is at the halfway house here in Sterling. A_ wanted to go talk to him and tell him he forgives him for what he had done and he is not looking to get back at him. He had told his friend that this is not the way to do thing and that he is forgiving him and he is holding nothing against this man.  He told him that he is still Mormon and he would have to respect him for that decision he has made. Before he went over to the halfway house we went over to A_ house and talked with him and told him he was doing the right thing.  Then we showed him a video about a dad who lost his family from a drunk driver accident. The video shows how this dad went to the young man who was driving the car that killed most of his family and took him under his arm and forgave him. That dad became like another dad to this boy. I wanted to tell you all this story cause what A_ did is so great and such a powerful story of using the atonement. 
PS mom and dad sorry about the graphic detail but it is harder to see what he did without it and how hard this task was for him to do.

 Well also this week we found two new investigators thanks to the 1st counselor in the stake presidency and a return missionary that got back 2 weeks ago named Jeremy Lotinsock.  PS: Eric he is coming to BYU next semester and I told him your name and that you are on the baseball team so if some kid starts talking to you that is why, so he said he would try to find you. 
But when I went with him and Elder Torres to teach his friend I did something I never thought I would do and it was cause of the Spirit that I did it.  
So the lesson was about over and my mouth just started to move and before I knew what I was saying I had invited this guy to be baptize by someone holding the proper authority and to follow in Christ foot steps!  And so I was a little shocked at what I just did and then I realized it was the right thing to do cause he said yes. Then I asked him "What are you feeling right now?" He said "It is like a good warm feeling that I have felt this whole lesson with you guys." So I told him that is the Spirit testifying to you what we are saying is true and that to better know that it is true you need to pray and read the Book of Mormon and ask God if it is true (Moroni 10:3-5) because we will not force anyone to join this church. We want them to want to be baptized because that is what they feel is right!

Well this week has been another great week and it is going fast!! This transfer is already half over! Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love Elder Urry               

Monday, September 15, 2014

Letter #10 September 15, 2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone,
Well this week has been great for me we have done a lot of things this week but the thing I want to talk about is what we did Saturday. 
Well to start in this mission we are ask to give at least 10hrs of service a week.  Saturday we went to one of the 100's of farms around here haha! And dad all the roads here are 2 lane roads so it will be fun when you get here haha! So me and Elder Torres and some members went and got a truck loud of potato's and that was about a 1000 pounds worth of them. So everyone was filling buckets like the ones that we keep our baseballs in. So they were about 10 to 15 pounds a piece. But my job was taking 2 buckets at a time down the staircase and down the hall to the truck and then dump them and come back and by that time they would have 2 more buckets ready to go. I was moving like crazy and sweating badly even though it was about 55 degrees outside and the day before it snowed!! By the way Colorado is weird like that, one day it can be 85 degrees and sunny but the next 18 degrees and snowing!! NO JOKE!!! haha.
But while out on my mission I have learned to love giving service to others I mean sometimes before I get there I wont want to go but after I get there and start working I forget about time and before I know it we are done and on our way back! And tell you what after helping someone out with something it feels great! And here the things we help with is a lot of farming work! So I do a lot of farming things here. And it is kinda fun! But besides that, the service I like because I know if Christ were here He would be right by my side helping out and just enjoying the time with the people. Service is like a kind of charity you can show people and it feels good doing it. Also the best way to teach people if they wont listen to what you have to say is to just help them out and show what we are like through our actions. Then they will start asking questions about why we are doing this and what we are doing away from family and that leads into a lesson.  Then people start finding out truth about us and that we are not just some crazy people and we are normal people and do more than just preach the Gospel every day to people. But even if service does not lead into a lesson and it is just to help someone out it still is worth it and is a good thing to do for people! 
Well this week has been great and we are working hard and the ward is starting to trust in us and that we are actually doing work and not just siting around at the apartment and doing nothing. They are starting to help us out now so we will even get more work. 
 Jeff with his District at the MTC
 1st Hair cut by Elder Almaida who finished his mission last transfer!
Me and my Companion Elder Torres
Well love you all and hope you have a great week back at home! 

Love Elder Urry

Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter #9 September 8, 2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone!! Happy Birthday Kyson! 
Also have we heard if I am going to have another niece or nephew? 
Well Dad to give you an idea what we eat like, this week 3 out of the last 7 meals we have had were T-bone steaks with them!!! haha How do you like that Steve!! 
And mission prep did help alot, but something that would help more would be to make the role-play harder. Then make them have to really think and try to get to know the person they are teaching and discern by the Spirit and ask Heaven sent questions. The Lord knows what they need to be asked and then they are more likely to open up to you? Also use the Book of Mormon and the Bible to study and know how to use both. But these are somethings I have learned that would have helped me more and will help them out! Also, make sure they are not afraid of silence cause that is when the spirit works the best!

 Well yes we had an apostle come this week, it was Elder Cook who came and before the meeting started he ask for every missionary to come up and shake his hand and have a 2 seconded interview with him and through the spirit he will be able to tell what kind of missionary you are!! So thats kind of cool! 
Well the meeting went well and he talked about how we need to really let the people we teach know that the Lord loves them very much! Also he said the church took a survey on what people remember when they took lessons from missionary's. Well 90% of these people remember the 1st vision and the plan of salvation the best! But he was a little mad when he found out in our mission members don't really help the missionary and about 70% of our findings in this mission are from tracting. He said the missionary should not have to plan anything after dinner that should be all the members doing that and that we are here to teach most the time and not be finding people most the time. But he was happy about how well we are doing even though we are trying to find most of our work. 

 Well this week was a great week we found 3 new investigators to teach and 2 of the 3 said that they would get baptized after the 1st lesson so we just have to keep teaching them and set them with a date and see if they accept. Me and Elder Torres both prayed and thought about it and we are going to invite them to be baptize on October 10th, four days before the end of this transfer! But we will see how that will go, we will see them on Wednesday at 7pm! (Wednesday is our crazy day!) Also we are still working with A_ and he is 5 days and going without drinking and he came to church which was great to see him there cause it was fast and testimony meeting! Well it has been a great week and tomorrow is my 2 month mark! Whoa time fly's!!!  

Love you all Elder Urry  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Letter #8 September 2, 2014 Sterling CO

Hey Everyone,
Well with yesterday being a holiday I could not come to the library and write you guys so that is why I am writing today. Also mom I am going winter close shopping on Saturday after mission conference and I will have to use my debit card cause I only have $139 per month and I cant buy clothes and enough food all on my MSF card (missionary money) so I will have to use that on Saturday so I hope that is ok. Also this month or next month we are getting ipads and we have to pay $400 unless you fall under certain areas and we don't so that will also come from my own money which means debit card so this month will be expensive. If those come in and they will come in either this month or October.
     Well I am staying in Sterling with Elder Torres for at least one more transfer. We found that out on Saturday but we will only be together for 2 transfers because there is about a 95% chance that he will be training a new missionary next transfer because there are only 5 Spanish speaking Elders and there are 5 coming in. But that would mean he leaves the area. I will most likely stay unless they decided to sweep the area again and put 2 new missionary's in here but that most likely wont happen seeing that Elder Torres and I got swept in here together.
 Well K_ had her baptism Thursday and that was a cool experience, but I was kind of disappointed cause only 4 or 5 members came and that is including the bishopric. Other than that it was a great experience for everyone.
 This week a convert named A_ tried to stop drinking again and he made it 2 days but he is having trouble cause all his friends he met in prison still come over and want to drink so he lets them and tells himself he wont drink. But he never can make it through the night with them there so we are going over today after this to talk to him and try to see what we can do to help and give him some advice about how to stop.
Well love you all and miss you hope you have a great week, you are all in my prayers!

Love Elder Urry

PS  Mom it has come!! the package came on Thursday. The ZL's dropped it off at zone meeting! I also tried to put pictures on the computer here but it did not work so I will keep the card through the end of the transfer and then send it home and you can send it back.     

Monday, August 25, 2014

Letter #7 August 25, 2014 Sterling Colorado

Hey Everyone 
Happy birthday to Lily and MOM!!! And mom still no package and if you sent it by fed-x or UPS I will not get it till transfers so you have to send it by the post office.So I will probably get it Tuesday or Thursday because that is the only 2 days mail comes in Sterling and if I dont get it then then it will be on September 2 at then end of the transfer. WHOA!! it has already almost been 6 week in the field!
  Well this week not much happened it was a fast week but slow in the work because there are over 30 churches here in Sterling and everyone is just fine with where they are at. They will ask us about our church but they dont really care for the lessons but they are still nice to us most of the time haha. 
 Well in my mission so far I have had to do a lot of conversation and just talking with people to try to help them feel better, visit with them and trying to help them out. Like this week we went and saw D_, a convert to the church. He is hoping to go on a mission cause he is 20 years old, he is saving up on his own cause he doesn’t really have the support of his parents, it’s really hard for them to understand what he is doing. And on top of saving up he is living on his own and paying for everything he has.  Last night his boss called him when we were there and the first words I heard his boss say is "D_ I don't know how to tell you this and it is hard to do..." Well that is all I heard and so he was let go and is now with out a job and has to go back with his parents, unless he can find a job within 3 days.
 So after the call he was very down and just was wondering “why did this happen to me, I mean I am doing everything I am suppose to do and going to church and everything but it is not fare”. So me and Elder Torres started to teach him about trials and how we have them in our lives to make us become better people.  We taught him how his thoughts about second guessing is from Satan putting these thoughts in his head, Satan wants you to feel like your are doing the wrong things like paying tithing going to church and so on. So we talked for about an hour and half on this. And I’ll tell you what, seeing people struggle is no fun at all it is really hard. I have found out about myself that through my life when ever someone close to me was struggling and having a hard time it would make it very hard for me aswell because it is hard to see someone down that I care about and have gotten to know very well. This just make me think how hard this is for me and I my not know exactly what they are going through, and then I think about Christ and how He does know exactly what they are going through and how they are feeling! And because of Him we will never be alone during these times because when he suffered for us he walked that path being alone so we would not have to! When I see this happen and people get down not only do I now say “ask God for help and turn to Him and He will be there for you”, but then I have found that I have to ask for help so I can have an a better idea on how to help them and just be there for them. And this gift the Lord has given me that it is somewhat easy for me to care and try to help people and then try to help them feel better and become happy. It is the best feeling to have when you are helping someone you care about and want to be happy. And that is what the Lord wants is for us to be happy and all I can say is He is the best at doing that as long as we have faith that He can help us and realize that He will be there to lighten the load we have but we will still have to do our part. The reason for that is so we can learn and grow from trials we are having and to try to become more Christ like in our day to day lives so when that day comes we can hear the words, "well done thou good and faithful servant", and then be able to live with Him again forever! That is what He wants for us is to live with Him and He will do everything possible to help us reach that goal as long as we do our part in following Him and try to become like Him. 

 Well this week has been great and we have done as much as we can and we have done lots of service for people, that always feels good, helping people out! We did a lot of that on Saturday, we helped a young couple in our ward remove tile and get their place ready for them to lay down a new wooden floor. PS: Paul it has happen what you and I joked about... how my companion thought I was crazy cause I would just keep going and going and not stop, he would be very tired and take a break and then tell me you need to stop your making me look bad! haha. But that was fun on Saturday we were there for about 4hr's helping them along with one other guy from the ward! 

Well I love you all and hope all is going well back at home, you are in my prayers and I hope you have a fun week this week!!!
Love Elder Urry
Kimmy is getting baptized this Thursday and so that will be a grate experience for her and her husband to watch and see what he has to look foreword to in 4 months or so!   

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Letter #6 August 18, 2014 Sterling

Hey Everyone!!
 Well this week has been so crazy with everything you can think of! Just summarize the last 3 days in a sentence it might be "Emergency move". There was a man who went crazy about 1 block away and there were about 25 cop cars every were surrounding his house. Then K_ and D_ interview Sunday and then a baptism that same day as well! So I have seen alot this week and I dont have time to tell you everything but I do have time to tell you about 2 things.
 So the first one is the baptism. The man who was getting baptized is named D_ and this was a unique experience. 3 years ago D_ was excommunicated (which means his name was taken off the records of the church allowing him to take advantage of the atonement and seek forgiveness.) For about 2 1/2 years he was doing his best and during that time he had not had any visits from missionaries, he was trying to battle his way back on his own, but it was very hard for him. Then Elder Almada and Elder Torres were companions for 1 transfer and they saw him a lot, they were there for him. Then things really started to move along. But then Elder Almada was transferred to Greeley, he is there now and goes home at the end of this transfer. For the last 3 weeks we have been going to see him once a week just to vist and then share a message with him and he loves it so much and always wants us to come so he can feel the spirit again and enjoy that feeling. So yesterday he was able to re-enter the waters of baptism. The spirit was so strong and powerful but it was even stronger at the end when he asked the branch president "can I bare my testmony real quick?" He just talked about the power of the atonement in his life and in these past 3 years he has been working so hard for this day and he was so happy that he could say at last he was clean once again and could have the Holy Ghost in his life again. I mean this just strengthened my testimony on the atonement and how someone had something like this happen and fought his way back so he could have the spirit with him once more. And the one he was fighting was Satan and all the trials he was going through. But I cannot describe how powerful and amazing this was to see and it is just a witness to me that there is always a way to come back after messing up and be back on the path so we can live with our Savior and Heavenly Father once more. It is because of Christ and what He did for us and how much He went through so we could live with them again. We are all His children and He wants every last one of us to return with Him. The atonement has become so powerful to me and I am so grateful for this. Also, this week I got to read my patriarchal  blessing and it said that "you will be so grateful for what Christ did for you." And I can tell you that is becoming more and more true each and every day.
 Well now the seconded thing is K_ and D_ were able to be interviewed yesterday and K_ will be getting baptized on August 28th, 2014 so that will be so cool for D_ to see and what he has to look forward to because he has to wait 4 months and still be attending church and all other things like read, praying and doing what he is suppose to. And then President Brown will write Church Headquarters and ask for permission for him to be baptized even though he is on probation and will be on it for 1 year. But he is strong and I know he will be fine and able to do it.
Well this has been a great week I love you all and hope you have a great week!
Love Elder Urry
Ps Mom no package yet.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Letter #5 August 11, 2014 Sterling Colorado

Hey Everyone,


 Well this has been a good week for us with less active people from the Sterling Ward! We go see them everyday and just read a chapter or 2 out of the Book of Mormon and then talk about it with them and see what they like and how they felt about what we were reading. And just from doing this we got 10 less active people to come to church this week and they had a very good time. But we are worried about a convert named A__ because he has not been to church for 2 weeks and he started to drink again. He is a very severe alcoholic and the last time he drank it took him 2 or 3 months to come back to church. But that is not even the bad part, he has a family to take care of and he is without a job now cause of what has happened with him. So we are going to keep seeing him and try to work with him because he has had a rough life and a very very hard time up till he came to church and was taught the gospel.  He was in prison and got into a lot of trouble but he has changed his name because of people in his past that are out looking for him and dont want him or his family alive. So we a very worried and dont want him to go back to that cause that could end up very bad and could end sadly.
 Well this week we met with D__ and K__ again but we had to put off their baptisms because of some things they got into in the past and so now they need to meet with President Brown instead of the zone leaders. They will be meeting with him this Sunday and then we will go from there and see what President Brown will tell us to do. But we are happy they told us so they can fix these things and are able to use the atonement and go through the repentance process which if they go through, will help them build their testimony and grow. But they do have good support with the family they are staying with and they are helping them alot!
 Well that is about it because we had to leave Sterling for couple of days this week to go to Fort Collins for a zone meeting and a training meeting. But while I was there I got to go out with another Elder named Elder Blue and that was crazy cause a member called us to come over because 3 days early she tried to take her own life but she failed, but she lied to the doctors so they would let her out. Now she is back at home with her roommate but she has tried this 7 times. She is not mentally stable and it is scary because we had to talk here down and just get her to relax. But now there are people who love and care for her and they would not want her to die. She is a good person, she has just been through terrible things that are absolutely horrible, which has caused her to want to do this so many times. But we were able to help her some and Elder Blue and his companion will keep going over there for a while just to help her and protect her from trying again and I will keep her in my prayers. But we were able to get her some help so that will be good.  
 Well hope all goes well this week, miss you all but I know why I am out here and it is for the right reasons! But I love you all and look forward to hearing from you next week!

Love Elder Urry

PS Mom why did you send the package to the MTC instead of the mission home, cause I think they will send it back to you cause I am not there any more I am in the field... But anyways I am sending a letter home today so Steve hope you get it soon!

(Haha, I sent Jeff a small package but for some reason he misunderstood my letter and thought I sent it to Provo, but it will get to the mission home on Thursday and hopefully he should have it by the weekend.)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Letter #4 August 4, 2014 Sterling Colorado

Hey everyone!
This week has been great filled with a lot of experiences which have built my testimony of the gospel so much on different subjects.
Well we have been teaching a couple named D__ and K__ and they are very strong and have committed to be baptized on the 22nd of this month which will be very cool and fun to see. They have some close friends that are going to be baptizing them!

But that is not what was my favorite part of the week, cause on Thursday I went on exchanges for the 1st time and I was sent to a Spanish area and so it was hard for me to understand cause I don't know any Spanish at all! So my comp would just do all the talking and I would sit there and listen to him and the Spirit and let him teach. But then one time the spirit was so strong and powerful that when he started to talk about the 1st vision and Joseph Smith, the Lord blessed me with the power of the gift of tongues and from the time he started the 1st vision to the end of that part of the lesson I understood every word he said in Spanish!!   I wish I could explain better how this felt but it makes me almost speechless just because of what the Lord can bless his children with when He feels they need it at this time. So after my companion finished that part of the lesson, the investigator understood some English so I just bore my testimony in English and then we closed up the lesson and left with the spirit being SO STRONG and it felt amazing and I felt so tired because of what had just happen to me!  It is things like this that makes me want to share the gospel with people because the Lord want every one of His children to return and live with him again!! 

This week for me and having this happen to me was one of the best experiences I have ever had throughout my life and while being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints!!!

Also Kyson that is way cool man good job on your talk and sharing it all by yourself that takes a brave kid to do that with out his mom and dads help! Well I hope everyone has a good week this week and that all will go well for all of you!

Love Elder Urry

Monday, July 28, 2014

Letter #3 July 28, 2014 Sterling Colorado

Hey Everyone,
Well I am in Colorado now and I am in a small town next to the border of Nebraska it is called Sterling Colorado and it is about as big as Joe City! (Where Jeff’s brother-in-law is from,although Sterling has about 18,000 people and Joe City is about 1500).  And not many people care to talk to us at all most of them go to the Lutheran church.

But the day I got here we got to stay at President Browns house and listen to 3 converts tell there story's and how they came into the church. My favorite was a guy who went by the name “Hot Rod” instead of his real name which no one knows, not even the missionary's who taught him, (I’m sure that whoever baptized him knew his name so they could baptize him). Also Vaughn you would love this guy, the two of you would have a lot of fun together!

The next day I got my new companion, his name is Elder Torres and he has been out for 8 months and he is from Texas. We gathered our things then we drove to Sterling which is about an hour and a half drive.  I am the driver cause about a month ago Elder Torres flip his jeep he was in so he cant drive any more for right now! Well when we got to our apartment we unpacked and got settled in but it is not a fun place to be in right now because people here don't believe in what we call air-conditioning so it is like 100 degrees in the house!!! But luckily that night we had an investigator call us and wanted us to come over and teach them, so we were able to get out of the heat of our apartment.  They also wanted us to give them a blessing that night and they ask me to say the blessing so that was a very cool experience and the spirit was so strong and powerful when I was giving it!

Well everything is going good right now but we got swept into this place, mom just ask Steven what that means. And it is even worse when the 2 missionaries before us did nothing other then basically just sit around and chill all day and go see people that they liked and they left no records for us to look at, so we are starting from scratch! So it is very hard and not much happening for us! But it is ok we met with the bishop on Sunday to get some ideas to who we should see and who they were teaching before us so we have some names now! So this week should be better.

Love Elder Urry

PS mom just to let you know just send everything to the mission home because that will for sure get to me and that is the best way even if it takes longer! And do that with the dear Elder stuff to or just have it sent to my email!